Information about the sources of Jewish suffering of Christ

Information about the sources of Jewish suffering of Christ

10. century that a Jewish scholar Ali Yefet I Torah commentary, the Torah, Isaiah bölümününü attracted the suffering of Christ the King explains:

… To start with him [Christ the King] has been described to be in exile until the birth of the output of wood: because [Isaiah] will start by mentioning that his supreme melodic, gives information about what happens to him, then turned to the period of captivity. In this way allows us to understand two issues: first as the Messiah, but after a long and difficult trials will reach the highest authority, and secondly, these essays will be sent to him as referring to a type of afflictions, and thus protects the purity of kuşatılmışken behavior when he saw [Christ] himself is a person able to understand the expected …

Source: SR Driver & A. Neubauer (eds). 1969. The Fifty-third Chapter of Isaiah According to the Jewish Interpreters (2 volumes, New York: Ktav), p. 19-20. English translations used here are taken from the skin 2. The main text is located in the skin 1. Soloff, p. 107-09.

Abkath described in treatises and is a very old book called Rokel Pesikta the ‘suffering of Christ the King also has a section about the very important:

God creates the world, the Supreme Arşından … Christ has existed as an entity. He said: “My sons [servants] to improve after 6000 years, will save you?” He [ie, Christ the King] replied, “Yes I will.” Then God said to him: “Then … will she want sufferings; because it is written, “he loaded our sorrows” [Isaiah 53:4]. Christ, to Him [God] replied, “I sabredeceğim joy” (Zohar *, 2:212 a)

Haddarshan Rabbi Moses also says:

Christ, took on the suffering of all of this because of the love, because it is written 53’te Isaiah, “He was oppressed and persecuted pulled.”

Zohar, Kabbalah is among the most important works of art and the mystical interpretation of the Bible contains.

Suffering of Christ the King in relation to capture some of the words in the Talmud notes:

“By Rashi, Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi and Daniel could be the Messiah was proposed [Rav, d. 247, see. Sanhedrin 98b], because both fully God-fearing persons and seriously suffering because of various troubles çekmişlerdi.

The Talmud, Steinhaltz Edition (New York: Random House, 1999), notes, p. 25, 26

Zohar is a God-fearing people who have suffered for all the world is referred to:

Zohar, Numbers, Pinhus 218A:

“The world’s children belong to each other. Almighty wants to give a healing to the world with them for the sake of others, all of which improves a man and his punishment çarptırır. How do you learn? These are the words, (Isaiah 53:5) “Yet, because of our isyanlarımız deşildi his body, because of our sins he pulled grind …”

Driver and Neubauer, Zohar, Numbers, Pinchus 218A (an English translation), p. 15.

The basic work of Kabbalah, the science of the Zohar, a book that is Judaism’s esoteric exegesis, on the end times of the printing section with respect to religious people:

The woman’s voice on the seventy

“At that time, he appears to give birth to Christ’s birth. This pious, well-qualified people are due to the pain and distress, they are the secrets of the Torah scholars, humble, and the owner of testicle, fear and love and compassion of knowing, courageous people, God ‘ afraid of the diagnosis, they hate the right sözlülerdir and bribery, but a period of poverty for them. Mişnah (commentary), scholars have explained this. Son of David in the future, brave men wander from city to city, but their kindness will not go back. Korkanlardan sin to hate and slander will be the sciences of fiqh. There will not be real … “(Acharei Mot: 36, Phrase 213)


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