Harun Yahya We want everyone in this world, all Jews and Christians as well, to enjoy utmost happiness and freedom

SPEAKER:Member of the Knesset Rabbi Nissim Zeev, one of the founding rabbis of the Shas Party in Israel, arranged a meeting with various members of the Knesset today to speak with our colleagues Oktar Babuna and Cihat Gündogdu on your behalf.
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In the first picture Speaker of the Knesset and Minister of Communications Reuven Rivlin from the Likud Party and Knesset member Rabbi Nissim Zeev from Shas Party can be seen.

The second picture shows the speaker of Knesset examining your book “A Call for Unity.” He expressed his appreciation of your activity and his wish for the continuation of the links between us.

In the other pictures, here the head of the Shas party, Minister of Internal Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Eliyahu Yishai can be seen. He sent you his greetings and profound respect and affection and said that the world would be far more different if there were a few more people like you in it.

In addition, our colleagues explained how Turkish-Islamic Union is the sole solution for the security of Israel and the entire region and how important it is for them to keep the coming of the King Messiah in the public eye. He listened with satisfaction and approval to what was said and said that he hoped for an opportunity to come to Istanbul and meet you in person.

As can be seen in the pictures, Rabbi Yishayahu Hollander, president of the Sanhedrin Court for the Issues of Bnei Noah and rabbis Menashe Zelikha and Avraham Haim from the Shas community, who have visited you before also took part in the meeting attended by the Minister of Internal Affairs. Masha’Allah. They can all be seen in this picture Masha’Allah.

Someone else they spoke with is Mr. Nazim Bader, the most senior ranking Arab in the Israeli Parliament as Deputy Secretary General of the Knesset. He can be seen in this picture.

Our colleagues also spoke with Knesset Member Zeev Elkin, Likud Parliamentary Group Chairman.

Oktar and Cihat will also meet with other political and religious leaders in the next few days, insha’Allah. One of the important figures they will meet is the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Shlomo Moshe Amar.

ADNAN OKTAR: That is nice, that is good.. Masha’Allah. We want everyone in this world to be happy. Christians, Jews and everyone, insha’Allah. What will prevail when Islam and Turkish-Islamic Union rule the world? Justice, love, affection, compassion, honesty, goodness, beauty, art, science, all that is humane and beautiful.

My brother, why should Israel live in such fear there? I always say we should tear those walls down. Why all these police checkpoints? Let them live as they like. When we brought our Jewish brothers here from Spain, they said, “thanks be to Allah.” We brought them to the finest place of all, to Istanbul. Look, we brought them to the finest place in the Empire. We welcomed them in the finest places. They enjoyed utmost freedom. Let them live freely and happily again. Why should these people live in fear? Why should Palestine live in fear? Operations and fear of the police all the time. Let us do away with these. They are all unnecessary. They all are tricks of satan. A fortune is continuously spent on armaments. What need is there for arms? There are hungry people everywhere. Let us send them food and clothing instead. Let us buy fine clothes and nice cars for them. Let us send them cars instead of tanks. Isn’t that right? What does tank have to do with us? Let us send cargo planes instead of warplanes. Let us build hospitals and schools instead of military facilities. What is wrong? What is the problem? For whom is this world not enough?


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