He was despised by people, was left all alone. Was a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.(Isaiah 53:3)

However, because of our isyanlarımız injured, tormented pulled it because of our sins. The punishment that brought us peace was upon him. His wounds we are healed. He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth. Like a lamb to the slaughter, did not open his mouth like a sheep standing quietly in front of Kırkıcıların. (Isaiah 53:5-7)

Let peoples serve you, the International eğsin neck. Become the dominant siblings, brothers you eğsin neck. Damn those who curse you, bless those who bless you. “(Genesis 27:29)

What is the turmoil between nations, why not set up a blank edit these peoples? The kings of the world’s pure attributes, merging in the Lord and meshettiği rulers to the king [Hz. Mahdi (AS)] against. “Koparalım their belts,” they say, “Let’s have ties to a Toyota.” (Psalm 2:1-3)

For Christ as it is written, The Spirit of the Lord, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and power, knowledge and fear of the Lord shall rest upon him … This is the spirit of Him [God] him [the Prophet. Mahdi (AS)] is laden with good deeds and suffering as a mill. (Talmud, Sanhedrin 93B)

… “Son of David [Hz. Mahdi (as) ‘s] future generations, scholars have opened a case against the next test … a test, then another …” (Talmud, Kethuboth 112b)

People despise me, people despised. Everyone who sees me up to ridicule, laugh and say, shaking their heads, “and put your back to the LORD, and save the let him, Since you love him, help me!” (Psalm 22:6-8)

Stay away from me! Because yanıbaşımda distress,Bulls surrounds me, raging bulls, top wraps around my surroundings. Break down its prey, roared like a lion to me to open up their mouths. Dogs surrounds me, my surroundings wrap around the herd of the wicked. (Psalm 22:11-13,16)

He is the öcümü, Peoples makes me dependent. Save me from my enemies, Başkaldıranlardan superior makes me, takes away from violent men. You will praise thee among the nations, O LORD, hymns, and praise his name. The king of the LORD delivers great victories, Meshettiği king, to David and his descendants forever, shows love. (Psalm 18:47-50)

But you, O Lord, … O my strength, my help, run! Sword, my life, unique save my life from the jaws of the dog! Get me out of the mouth of the lion, horns of the wild öküzlerinin. (Psalm 22:19)

But I trust you, O LORD, “My God is you!” I say. My life is in your hands, Save me from the jaws of my enemies, Ardıma fallers. Your face lights up your servant, Go love, save me! (Psalm 31:14-16)

O Lord, my tenderness of welfare! Love, loyalty always bless me! Countless troubles engulfed my surroundings, … I can not see off the front; Başımdaki hair is more people … What happens is, O Lord, save me! Quickly to help me, O Lord! Shame on employees to take my life, angry faces! Loss for those who want to go back, no matter infamous! Me, “Oh, oh!” Horrified that people who utançlarından düşsün! Their classmates who you may all who seek You rejoice and be glad! “The LORD be exalted!” Your salvation always say those who miss! (Psalm 40:11-16)

In the past, through a vision, faithful servants, said: “I helped a heap, a young man raised in the public. … My hand will support him, my arm will power. Bağlayamayacak shake down her enemy, the wicked ezmeyecek him. I will punish his enemies in front of him, hate him who gonna shoot. Loyalty, love to support him, my step will increase the power. (Psalm 89:19-24)

My eyes saw defeat my enemies, my ears heard the end of the wicked who attacked me. (Psalm 92:11)

I love the Lord, because He hears feryadımı. I did listen to, going to call him as long as I live. Dolaşmıştım Death ropes, … Distress, pain was buried. Then we cried to the LORD, “Oh, O Lord, save my life!” I said. LORD is gracious and righteous and loving God. (Psalm 116:1-5)

Zoom out to belittle me, the insults, I keep my counsel. Rulers sit together and slander me, even if your servant will meditate on your rules. Your statutes are my delight, give me wisdom. (Psalm 119:22)

Enveloped me the ropes of the wicked, forget Yasanı. (Psalm 119:61)
Arrogant lies sullied me, but I am with all my heart your stimulus conditions. Tied to their heart fat, I simply enjoy yasandan. I was good to suffer because they learn the rules. His mouth is worth more than the law for me thousands of gold and silver. (Psalm 119:69-72)

Show compassion to me, may live, because I really enjoy yasandan. Shame arrogant to accuse me falsely. And I think your terms. I fear the dönsün me, those who know the Sermon. (Psalm 119:77-79)

All the commands is reliable; zulmediyorlar unfairly, help me! Sileceklerdi me almost from the earth, but I separate from your conditions. (Psalm 119:86-87)

Save me, because I’m Yours, I turned to the conditions. Waiting for the wicked to destroy me, I am studying your counsels. (Psalm 119:94-95)

No where leaders persecute me, but my heart trembles your sözünle. I find joy, like one that finds the promises of booty. Detestable, iğrenirim lie, But I love yasanı. (Psalm 119:161-163)

Trouble of thinking called out to the LORD; answered me. O Lord, save my life lips false, deceptive language! (Psalm 120:1-2)

Here, the descendants of David will raise up a powerful king, the king’s offspring and Lights set up a Meshettiğim. Bürüyeceğim his enemies with shame, but shine through crown on his head. “(Psalm 132:17-18)

… O LORD: “shelter, we live in this world is you nasibim” I say. Listen … Save me one of those Haykırışıma ardıma, because I strong. Get me out of prison, on Behalf give thanks. He verifies that the time will embrace my surroundings, so to me a favor. (Psalm 142:5-7)

Therefore I will give him a share of celebrities, will share the spoils güçlülerle. Because he sacrificed his life, others to a counted. He took on the sin of many others, also pleaded for the rebels. (Isaiah 53:12)

Do not be afraid, because I am with you discouraged, because my God. Güçlendireceğim you, yes, I will help you, support you, I will be victorious right hand. “I öfkelenenlerin all be ashamed, to be disgraced. I have counted those who oppose will be disregarded. I never find the adversaries of the Arasan. I will be worse than none to few fighters.” (Isaiah 41:10-12)

You stop in defeat in front of everybody attacking. … But no weapon against you, it will not work, in court, accusing you gonna blame each language. The legacy of those who worship the LORD, is this: their prosperity from me, “says the LORD. (Isaiah 54:15-17)

About to find say, we have gezemez streets. Our end is near, our days run out, because doomed. Kovalayanlar us çevikti eagles sky, chased us over the mountains, desert us set up an ambush. Life soluğumuz, king of the LORD their pit caught meshettiği; Hani for him, “between the nations will live in the shadow of his” call. (Lamentations 4:18-20)


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