Christian leader Hurrian Dmitri commenting about Mr. Adnan Oktar

ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN LEADER HURRIAN DIMITRI:First of all, I’m very interested to meet you. And when I saw your face, I remembered what is written in the Quran, and said, “your face is the sunshining”, like you will be the first man who pushes up the process and peace in our area and in our society. We came here to say a few words that we live in our country Israel with good relationship between all the faiths and all the religions and all, between the Christians, the Muslims, and the Jewish and the Druze and the all. And this is a good aim to build all the society with love. Because God is love, like all the religion believe that God is love, so we came here to say all to the world and to Turkish also, that we only believe in peace and believe in to make peace. And we are sitting here around your table here, because you are a very famous human and you have very very very interest in many people that you meet. And you can also help our country to build a new relationship between Iran and the Israel, and the Syria and the Israel. Because I will tell you, a few verses from the Bible, God when say “if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see?”; but if the human who you see, you cannot love, so how it would be this equal. That means, if you will believe, that this is a good way to push, your, every efforts from you to get the relationship between Turkey and the Israel and the Syria and the Iran, it will be very happy to all the Christians and all the citizens in the area. And also, you are a very famous man, and this makes us to believe that you have good force, good force, real force to make peace with the other.

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